Your Niche: Frame It, Name It, Claim It

Found this via Category Pirates, and it makes sense…

How you create a category for yourself as a small “e” entrepreneur is not just about niching down and getting more specific about your offering.

It’s about having a Point Of View.

Why are you niching down?

What problem are you determined to solve in the world?

Who do you want to help?

Who do you not want to help?

Why is it so important to you? And why is it so important to the people you want to help?

What will life be like on the other side (tell us!)?

I need to work on this!

Even if you already know the answers, the question is: Are you communicating this in your sales and marketing? Are you communicating it often enough, in the right places?

The way you frame it, is that in your DNA? Or are you lying to yourself?

When I look at my competition, I think:

– Biggest competitor admitted their main purpose is making money.
– 2nd biggest competitor sold out to the worst clients imaginable.

It won’t be hard to differentiate my business!

But wait, there’s more…

• WHAT do you do… that you are uniquely known for?

• WHO do you do it for… who are surprisingly willing to pay large premiums?

• WHEN do you do it… that sits at the peak intersection of Important and Urgent?

• WHERE do you do it… that if money were no object, everyone would want it?

• WHY do you do it… that is so in sync with the Superconsumer, word of mouth spreads like wildfire?

• What OUTCOME do you unlock… that is 100x more valuable than the price you charge?